September 29, 2006

The Exorcist Steps, August 2006


On my recent visit to Washington, DC, I took some new photos in Georgetown; this one's a slightly different angle, taken through an amber polarizing filter. The full size version is available at Flickr. Zoom in on the 1280 x 960 size, and you'll see a local DC news crew camera and reporter at the base of the steps - not sure what the occasion was.

September 21, 2006

Healy Hall, Georgetown University


Note the distinctive clock tower - Wikipedia provides an interesting bit of trivia:
A tradition at Georgetown involves students stealing the clock hands from the tower and mailing them to the Vatican, where they are supposed to be simply stamped 'return to sender' and returned to the university. One such incident caused significant damage to the clock mechanism, however, and security has been increased as a result in recent years, decreasing the incidence of the theft.
More Healy Hall lore can be found at The Hoya, GU's campus paper archives.

September 20, 2006

Just Where Was That Exorcist Scene Shot?

In case you hadn't found it yourselves already, IMDb has a comprehensive list of the locations used in filming The Exorcist.

Here's what 3600 Prospect Street in Georgetown - the "McNeil House" - looks like today.

The 'Exorcist House' in Georgetown, DC

Dahlgren Chapel in August

Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University

Note, this new series of "Exorcist Revisited" photos is available on Flickr™ under a Creative Commons license.